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The Story of Unikka

A story of escaping
from ordinary

Who we are

Unikka Brand was founded in 2021, with our own factory in Shenzhen, head office in Hong Kong and warehouse in Remscheid, Germany.

With over 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing awnings & accessories for caravans and campervans of our factory, the Unikka started out specializing in providing quality awnings for campervans.

‘Camping, it seems to me, is one of the oldest forms of human existence that even primitive people are interested in. It teaches people a lot about self-reliance and increases physical activity, which tends to prolong their lives and arouse an interest in life and a love of nature.’
- Jay, The Founder

At Unikka, we pursue a lifestyle that is out of the ordinary and resonates with nature. Our connection to nature is constantly giving us new ideas for a free and unrestraint camping experience.

The story began with a journey from city to the wild, our founder wanted to get rid of the hustle and bustle brought by rapid urbanization and wanted to regain the slow time of leisure, so he began to choose outdoor camping to get close to nature and relax himself and the family. Hence he created Unikka, aiming to use the best quality products to create solutions that let our customers enjoy a more unique camping experience.

Unikka develops all kinds of awnings and accessories with good quality for any camping vehicle you own. Unikka will continue to design and produce products and experiences that meet the very highest standards of quality, and seamlessly fit into the camping lives of real people. Whether you're new to camping or hope for a more intriguing camping trip, join us and kickstart miraculous changes in your trip starting from now.

Our Office and Warehouse

HK Office: Level 54, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong

German Warehouse: Hildegardstraße 5, 42897, Remscheid, Germany

Contact us at: support@unikka.net

Whatsapp: +49 15736049301 (Europe)

Phone: +85269448327/+86 19129457979 (Other places)


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