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Unikka Guide for VW California

by Iris C on February 10, 2023

The Volkswagen California Camper Van looks like a classic mini camper with a pop-up roof, providing enough room for sleepers and storage space. At just over six feet tall, this vehicle is perfect for low clearance areas, narrow streets or even garages!


How Does it Perform?

Inside the van, you'll find two sliding doors located behind the driver's seat as well as sinks and various cabinets containing cooking ware. California has enough room to store up to 8 gallons of clean water and wastewater while it can also store up to 6.2 pounds worth of propane fuel in tanks under its floor. You'll also find a deep freeze at the back that holds 1.5 cubic feet of space or 7 individual temperature settings; this will help keep refrigerated snacks such as beer fresh for up to 3 days. The interior offers ample seating with sliders at either side fold down into sofas - one single seat only fits along one side when they're both out at once - but don't worry because between the fridge and rear passenger seats sits a table capable of flipping forwards from its storage position! It's large enough for all passengers - including those sitting in the middle row - but it won't work if someone wants want access from outside...


Where to Sleep?

There are two twin beds in California. Although both weren't exactly the most comfortable, the second bed popped out of the ceiling of California. The upper bunk offers a better view when it comes to sleeping. There were three zippered windows that gave it an atmospheric feel - much like a tent might have - but by sunrise, they don't allow too much light inside. California's built-in heater keeps things at a nice temperature so you're always able to sleep comfortably and even if you forgot something in there overnight, there was no need for extra blankets since its heated up enough already!

The Volkswagen California Camper Van features a powerful engine and excellent tires, capable of moving easily on both 8-lane highways and dirt roads. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices for this van start at € 51,780 for the 110 bhp California Beach Camper 2.0 TDI and go up to € 74,629 for the California Beach Tour Edition 2.0 TDI DSG 4Motion with 204 bhp . If you're looking for a more equipped version instead, consider opting for the California Ocean which starts at 71,930 euros for the 2.0 TDI 150 bhp model.


Recommended Awnings for VW California

Although the VW California is a great campervan with certain spaces to live, you'll probably have the greatest need for an awning because of their lack of interior space and the limitations on storage.

An awning is a protective enclosure that can shield campervan owners from rain showers, sun glare, and occasionally cool breezes.

The height of the VW California is just over 1,900mm tall; it means you can choose an awning appropriate for this size. Here are some options from Unikka:


Unikka Kupoli

Unikka Kupoli is an inflatable awning for normal campervan, with adjustable height of 180cm - 210cm, width of 300cm and depth of 390cm.

Unikka Kupoli Inflatable Awning for Campervan VW California


 Unikka Kaari

Unikka Kaari is an inflatable awning for smaller campervan, with adjustable height of 180cm - 210cm, width of 300cm and depth of 280cm.

Unikka Voitto L

Unikka Kaari is an inflatable awning for campervan, with adjustable height of 180cm - 210cm, width of 280cm and depth of 355cm.

Unikka Voitto Awning for Campervan VW California

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