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Complete maintenance handbook for your awning

by Iris C on February 24, 2023

Campers love how useful and cozy caravan awnings can be. Not only do they allow you to turn an empty space into something functional, but they also make it possible for camping enthusiasts to stop worrying about whether or not the rain is going to ruin their day. But if you really care about your gear, there are some things you need to know before setting up camp. Taking care of your caravan awning means that you won't need t worry about things like pesky bugs making themselves comfortable on your camper's roof while spoiling the view. It also ensures that everyone who sleeps under it has a clean place where no one needs to worry about getting stains all over them from sitting in something wet during dinner; this way, everything always stays nice and tidy!

Awning maintenance and basic repairs

Caravan awning maintenance starts from the moment you put up your caravan awning. It should be assembled correctly and then tensioned to make it last longer. So before you put up your caravan awning for the first time, read through the assembly instructions to get familiar with them!

Some parts of caravan awnings wear out over time, but you can always get spare parts for them. You just have to take the old ones off and put new ones on. Clear patches are available if your canvas has a hole or tear in it. Otherwise, check to see if your manufacturer offers repairs and alterations services. If you bought an Unikka awning, you could contact support@unikka.net for a repair kit.


Storing an awning correctly

Some people like to take off all the panels and store them separately, but most caravan awnings can be packed up with all the panels zipped in. It's really important that your caravan awning is clean and dry before you fold it up.

To clean your awning poles, first, you should make sure they're really clean and dry. Then it's important to remember to clean the movable parts of the poles so there is no dirt left on them. Once they're all cleaned, you can store them in the pole bag. It will be easier if you put angled and cross poles in first and leave straight ones until last. Finally, always store your caravan awning in a dry place with good air circulation!

Clean your awning in 5 easy steps

If you want your caravan awning to last, then you have to clean and protect it. Here are some easy steps to follow that will make sure your caravan awning lasts for years.


You're all thinking about putting your caravans or motorhomes into storage. You know to turn off the gas and drain the water system before winter, but you often forget to prepare the caravan awning for an extended lay-off. After touring all season, you like to give your a thorough clean and reproof so it will be ready when next season comes!



Your caravan awning can accumulate an array of unpleasant things during the summer months. Moisture encourages mold growth, which is not only ugly but difficult to remove. Similarly, tree sap can stick to the material and if left untreated it will leave stains; likewise, bird droppings and squirrel excrement need attention as well. When you go abroad on vacation to countries with low rainfall during the summertime there might be an accumulation of dust embedded in your fabric. And let's not forget about heavy rainstorms that might happen here in Britain - make sure any leaves or loose debris are swept off before scrubbing down your caravan awning.


Caravan awnings are delicate fabrics that may be sensitive to domestic soap powders and cleansing detergents, so specialized cleaners are recommended. In some cases, manufacturers recommend just using warm water and a soft brush.


When it comes to cleaning plastic caravan awning windows, make sure you're using the right materials. If there are any doubts about how dirty the window is, just use some warm water and a washcloth - preferably microfibre - to clean it up. Also, be mindful of the draught skirt around your door; it usually gets very muddy during rainy days! To avoid creating staining from dirty rainwater, we recommend washing down your draught's skirt before leaving so that any dirt will have dried off overnight.


Once the canvas is clean, treating it with a waterproof protector will make it last much longer. Be sure to consult the instructions beforehand: some of these products are safe for use on damp fabric, while others require dry surfaces such as an old towel or tarp.


One option you might want to consider is cleaning your ground sheet thoroughly. You could use an all-purpose caravan cleaner diluted in a bucket of water and apply using a stiff brush. This is followed by a good soaking with the hose. Awnings are important additions to your vehicle, offering much-needed extra space, but they can be quite costly accessories. It makes sense to protect your investment and maintain its waterproofing/UV protection, hopefully prolonging its life. My late father's porch caravan awning serves as proof--it has been working for over 30 years now despite being exposed to harsh elements!


Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Setup the caravan awning to make sure that the entire material is exposed

Step 2: Brush away any dirt, grime, and dust from the canvas before hosing it down.

Step 3: After spraying the canvas with clean water, use an appropriate-sized brush to scrub away stubborn marks and stains.

Step 4: Spray again with a cleaner solution and try rubbing some of this in with an even larger brush - let this sit for a while so that you can see how long you'll need to leave this washing up liquid-soaked cloth to do its magic. Repeat stages 5 & 6 if necessary!

Step 5: Rinse off until no longer visible; let the fabric dry fully before storing away again!



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